Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions involve attaching synthetic fibers to natural eyelashes using specialized adhesive. This meticulous procedure, performed by trained professionals, enhances lash length, thickness, and curl, creating a customized look ranging from subtle to dramatic. Extensions offer a long-lasting alternative to mascara or false lashes, requiring minimal daily maintenance when properly cared for.

Our Lash Technician

Victoria is an advanced Lash Artist & Educator who has over 10x Certifications for lash extension application including advanced styling, application techniques, color lash's, adhesive knowledge, and more.....

She specializes in Fine Diameter, Mega Volume, & Art sets

Victoria is also a proud member of the National Lash Association for Lash Artists (NALA) who is a third party who oversees the lash industry to ensure we are only using the best products, application techniques, and correct disinfection protocols in place to ensure the clients health & safety is top priority. NALA members are also required to only offer lash services they are qualified to perform and hold valid business license & insurance.

NALA is the Michelin Star of the industry and this level of accreditation is an earned status so you, as the client, can ensure your selecting an artist who has proven their skills and operations are of the highest this industry currently offers.


What are the different types of lash extensions available?

We only offer customized lash extensions. So, when you book your appointment you can select from Natural, Dramatic, Wispy, Color, or Full Blackout and our technician will reach out to you before your appointment so she can start designing the perfect set for you based on how you explain your vision and your facial features.

Not sure what you want? No problem! When you are contacted about your set you will be asked to send a photo of your face so she can analyze your features and design a set best suited to fit you.

How long do lash extensions last?

Lash extensions typically last for 2-5+weeks, depending on how well you care for them and the condition of your natural lashes.

For example; if you do not have many eyelashes this result will naturally be a lighter set and will require maintenance more often than someone who has alot of eyelashes.

There are pre-service & post care instructions that every client needs to follow to ensure the best results are met. This information will be instructed to you once you have scheduled your appointment.

It's required that you avoid skincare products that contain glycerine because this is what will loosen the adhesive and remove the extensions. Please check the ingredients and speak with your technician to see if its suitable product to use while you are wearing your extensions.

Are lash extensions safe?

Yes, lash extensions are safe when applied by a qualified technician. However, it is important to choose a reputable salon and to have your lashes applied by an experienced technician. You should also avoid getting lash extensions if you have any eye conditions, had recent surgery or have allergies.

You will be asked a series of questions on your consultation form to ensure you will be a suitable candidate for this type of service.